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Luxurious railway carriage built in 1897 known for their production of the most elegant private cars ever built, produced three carriages of this type.

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Tulip Selsey

The luxury turn-of-the-century railway carriage has now come to rest on Selsey’s idyllic East Beach. It is the centrepiece of a stylish seafront self-catering property.

Life of Ideas

Tulip has been skilfully restored. Polished brass knobs, ornate hinges and decorative luggage racks reveal the grandeur of days gone by. The mahogany and satinwood interior features elaborate carvings and intricate inlays, which have been painstakingly recovered.

Take your family and leave the city behind. Sit back in Tulip and travel back in time, look out of the windows across the beach, the sea – and unwind.

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