April 18, 2017

Scotland’s Best Small Business Success Stories

Scotland has become somewhat of a recent hotbed for success stories in the world of small businesses. Starting off with humble resources, they grow into multi-million-pound companies that are household names. They all started in Scotland and had only their innovation to work with, which as it turns out, has taken them pretty far. Today, we look a few of the businesses that have caught the attention of the masses and have never looked back. Continue reading

lip fillers Glasgow
April 19, 2017

What Your Glasgow Dental Clinic Could Do for Your Smile

In a world where image is perceived to be everything, looking after your appearance is often of high priority. Some look to skin care, others for the latest beauty products. There is one way which has garnered significant attention over the past few years and that’s making sure your teeth look as healthy as possible. Your Dentist Glasgow could be the key to achieving a smile which you deserve and one that you can be proud of. Continue reading

April 14, 2017

Starting Up Your Own Scottish Business



We all think about becoming our own boss at one stage. Whether you are currently searching for jobs, changing career or leaving university you are probably thinking about the next step and where you’d like to work.

If you have thought about starting your own business, after a bit of research, you will know that the opportunities are endless. Wouldn’t it be great if instead of looking for an employer, you created a job for yourself? Continue reading

rare whisky
April 13, 2017

Investing In The Rare Whisky Industry: Now Is The Time

Good news for the malt whisky sector! The sector is growing at extraordinary rates, with around 30 new distilleries being planned or built across Scotland.

Overall, the Scotch whisky industry is worth more than £5bn to the UK economy. Our and the rest of the world’s taste for a rare whisky tipple is contributing to the country’s exports and job creation.

You will find distillers spread from the Scottish lowlands right up to locations as far as Orkney. These distillers make a huge difference to Scottish employment and it is estimated that overall, there are 10,900 people working for the industry in Scotland alone. It is also estimated that an average of  30,000 more jobs is created through the supply chain. Continue reading

April 10, 2017

Scottish Inventions – How Scotland has Changed the World

Aside from being responsible for life changing products including square sausage and Irn Bru, Scotland are also responsible for some of the world’s most important inventions, things people rely on every single day, in many aspects of their life. Here are just a few of the most important inventions which have come out of Scotland and the masterminds behind them.

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April 10, 2017

Scotland’s Key Exports: Food & Drink

For being such a small country, Scotland has an impressive number of exports which contribute to our growing economy. Scotland export a large number of goods/services across five sectors which account for almost two-thirds of all our exports; food and beverage, chemicals, business services, mechanical engineering, electronics and instrument engineering. The largest of all these sectors is Scotland’s food and beverage industry, these accounted for 18% of Scotland’s overall exports in 2015. Here are some of Scotland’s most popular food and beverage exports.

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banding machines
April 10, 2017

The UK Packaging Industry and its Impact on UK Waste

The UK packaging manufacturing sector employs 85,000 people in the UK which overall represents 3% of the manufacturing industry workforce in Great Britain. The packaging industry is a major contributor to the GDP in the UK and has allowed increases in efficiency across various other sectors including the food and beverage industry. Given that there are over 7 billion humans on Planet Earth, it is likely that the majority of these people will come into contact with packaging at some point or another –  unless they live in a far remote land. Due to constantly increasing consumer demands there is a consistent need to innovate and improve in this industry, in order to meet current demands. This has been majorly helped through the advancements in technology which have taken place in the last 10 years.

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