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Banding Machines – Which Banding Should You Be Using?

Any business involved in the movement of heavy weight products will already be aware of the difficulties they face in securing products effectively. In this era, with an influx of competition and the power consumers, it is now too big a risk to not invest in strapping/banding machines to secure and protect your products. In order to assist you in meeting the ever growing demands of your consumers there are various types of banding products which allow you to avoid any unexpected damages which occur during the transportation of products.


Scottish Inventions – How Scotland has Changed the World

Aside from being responsible for life changing products including square sausage and Irn Bru, Scotland are also responsible for some of the world’s most important inventions, things people rely on every single day, in many aspects of their life. Here are just a few of the most important inventions which have come out of Scotland and the masterminds behind them.


Scotland’s Key Exports: Food & Drink

For being such a small country, Scotland has an impressive number of exports which contribute to our growing economy. Scotland export a large number of goods/services across five sectors which account for almost two-thirds of all our exports; food and beverage, chemicals, business services, mechanical engineering, electronics and instrument engineering. The largest of all these sectors is Scotland’s food and beverage industry, these accounted for 18% of Scotland’s overall exports in 2015. Here are some of Scotland’s most popular food and beverage exports.