Tulip's History

Luxurious railway carriage since 1897

Tulip is a luxurious railway carriage built in 1897 by Jackson and Sharp in Delaware, America. The company, who was known for their production of the most elegant private cars ever built, produced three carriages of this type. Tulip is the only one to have come to England.

Shipped to England, Tulip was used as part of the Folkestone train and ran until 1914, when she was put into store. In 1919, Tulip was refurbished, but used only on limited occasions. Tulip has carried many royalties and other prestigious guests in her life and was finally withdrawn from service in June 1930.

She was then sold off and taken to her current position on Selsey’s seafront. Over the years Tulip became more and more neglected, but the interior was never touched. Now her original features have been restored to their former splendour transforming Tulip into a property of great character.